Young people perceive COVID-19 as catalyst to re-shape Africa’s future

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has published its first Now Generation Network Survey findings on the impact of COVID-19, entitled “COVID-19 in Africa: what does it mean for young people?”

The report analyses youth perspectives on the challenges Africa faces as a direct result of COVID-19.

It provides specific insights into the views of young people in areas including government responses to the crisis; access to adequate healthcare; the availability of reliable information; and the continent’s prospects for the future.

With a median age of 19.7 in 2020, Africa’s population is the youngest in the world. The continent’s population below the age of 35 represents almost a billion people. Given the pivotal role young people will play in Africa’s post-pandemic future, it has never been more important to understand their needs and expectations.

Drawing on views from 143 members of the Foundation’s Now Generation Network (NGN) – a group of young and mid-level career African citizens from various sectors and disciplines – covering 35 African countries, the report shares insights on how young Africans perceive this crisis, and highlights the following key findings:

Mo Ibrahim, Chair and Founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation commented: “It is encouraging to see this cautious optimism from our young people – who account for almost 60% of Africa’s population. I share their optimism and hope that, through sound governance, countries manage this crisis and move closer towards their social and economic goals. Decision making must include our continent’s greatest asset, its young people, now more than ever. download the full report here:


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