The Newly Assigned Ambassador To Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia And Togo, Meet With the Dutch/SL Community And Members Of SLNBCC In Freetown

On the 3rd of December the newly assigned ambassador of the kingdom of the Netherlands, to Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Togo; H.E Jeroen Verheul, meet with some Dutch nationals living and working in Sierra Leone and a few members of the Sierra Leone Netherlands Business and Culture Council at the country lodge hotel Freetown.  

The event was part of an effort to ensure that the ambassador meet and interaction with members from the Dutch community in the country and other important associates. H.E Jeroen Verheul listens to what the attendee has to say about their experience in living, doing business and working in diverse capacities in Sierra Leone.

The event occurred on the even of the ambassador’s presentation of his credentials to the presidents of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Such activity denotes the official acknowledgement and commencements of his services in that capacity.

The ambassador thanked everyone who took their time to attend the event and he emphasized the Netherlands commitment to maintaining ties with Sierra Leone and promotes the “Netherlands and Sierra Leone growing together” initiative.

The ambassador of the kingdom of the Netherlands to the designated countries is permanently residing in Accra, Ghana. However, he is expected to monitor events and foster ties with the other countries through visits and other available means.