SLNBCC Visits Pre-Launch of the First ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Plant in Sierra Leone by the Masada Waster Transformers

May 2nd, 2019.- Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Masada Waste Transformers organised their pre-launch event at the Sensi Tech Hub on the 2nd of May 2019. The event marks the installation of the first anaerobic digester at the Aberdeen Women’s Clinic, which will be followed by the installation of 40 more in key strategic parts of the city over the next couple of years.

A Waste Transformer is a machine housed in standard shipping containers of 20ft that uses anaerobic digestion to turn organic waste into bio gas on site. The bio-gas could then be used for various purposes such as electricity, fuel, residual heat and recovered water. A single Waste Transformer could process 600kg to 3600kg of organic waste per day and produce an output of 6 megawatts.

The installation of these Waste Transformers would not only provide an integrative solution to 30% of waste in Freetown, it would also help in providing employment, electricity, encourage urban agriculture and promote up to 50% reduction in waste transmitted diseases.

This project titled ‘’Turning Waste into Opportunity for Socially Inclusive Growth and Unlocking the potential of biogas in Sierra Leone’ was made possible by a fusion between a Sierra Leonean company named Masada Waste Management Company SL LTD, and a Dutch JV company named the Waste Transformers. The project aims towards ‘turning challenges into positive change’’. Overall, the anaerobic digester complies with the European Union Health and Safety Rules. Furthermore, it is cost-efficient and provides a sustainable solution to waste management problems.

By Memuna Bayoh