SLNBCC Commences 5-Days Training for SMEs

The Sierra Leone Netherlands Business and Culture Council (SLNBCC), in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone (USL), on Tuesday 9th March 2021 commenced a 5-days Intensive Training  for  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sierra Leone  with key focus on Business Management.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ms. Binta Jalloh, Project Manager of SLNBCC disclosed that the process is part of activities to foster business relations between Sierra Leone and the Netherlands and to promote a mutually beneficial state of affairs between the two governments.

She further stated that they are set to promote increased exports, imports, business services, tourism and investments between business and professional persons in Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.

Madam Jalloh enlightened that SLNBCC has been serving as a networking company that ensures the integrity and quality of its members so that new businesses can be conducted in a trusted environment noting that the  five-day event is funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to capacitate registered SMEs within the council in Sierra Leone.

Giving details of the five-days intensive training, Mr. Mustapha A (Kemurl) Fofanah, the Project Officer of SLNBCC revealed that the training is to capacitate SMEs in Sierra Leone with solid managements skills in-case they want to partner with other international businesses across the globe.

He also underscored that the training content focuses on Financial Reporting and Book Keeping, Online Presence Management, Communication Strategy, Access to Finance, Professional Pitching, Presentation, Packaging and Design of Products, Branding, Import and Export Requirements, Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) etc.

The Project Officer disclosed that the training targets 15 SMEs within the health, agriculture and WASH Sectors across Sierra Leone from the field of production, export, supplies and other relevant services.

The course content includes key skill areas such as Financial Reporting and Book Keeping, Online Presence Management, Communication Strategy, Professional Pitching, Presentation, Access to Finance, Packaging and Design of Products, Branding, Corporate Social Responsibility, Import and Export Requirements, etc. The cost of the training for each participant and all the logistics concerned will be taken care of by SLNBCC and a certified short-course certificate will be issued to all participants by the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM).

Aminata Bailor Jalloh from the Nexus Logistics revealed how happy she is to be part of the intensive SLNBCC training pointing out, “I must state that I had little  or no idea about pitching in business but with resourceful lecturers I am now well-grounded on professional pitching and presentation of company in all platforms.”

Leonard Sesay from Marish Training Company said before attending the training he was thinking of establishing a business but lacked the funds but that after the training he learnt that one can still start a business as long as one has the idea and determination to do so and called on the SLNBCC to replicate same to the general public to help change the dynamics of business in Sierra Leone.

Mr. James Kollie, one of the lecturers at the Short Course and Consultancy Department at IPAM told this press that all expert lecturers in the various areas are set to give their best as that is the core principle IPAM.