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Cordaid is an international Catholic organisation for relief and development aid. Cordaid works to promote equality and social inclusion in fragile and conflict- affected societies. Their activities include increasing the resilience of people and societies and strengthening the social contract between citizens and their government. Their main mission is to reduce the fragility vulnerability of those who need it the most. Cordaid is a Dutch organisation and a member of Caritas International.

SL Breweries Limited

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Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL), a HEINEKEN Operating Company, has been in the country since independence having been incorporated in 1961. They are partners for growth and development and have stayed right through the difficult times of the civil war and Ebola Virus Disease. Since 2014, the company has adhered to a clear strategy with the aim of transforming the brewing in- dustry in Sierra Leone. Over the last three years HEINEKEN and SLBL has invested in employees development through training and capabilities building; supported local communities through provision of clean water and formed close partnerships with local farmers; re-launched the CREATE Sorghum local sourcing project and now on the journey to completely double the production capacity at the brewery, providing a strong platform for future growth of SLBL.

H&D Farms SL Ltd

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H & D FARM, was established in July of 2020 with a focus on the production, processing and marketing of cocoa, coffee, cashew and palm oil. The company is a young company currently making in-roads in its designated business area. For more information contact:

PwC- Price Waterhouse Coopers

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Building trust in society and solving important problems. With offices in 157 countries and more than 276,000 people, we are among the leading professional services networks in the world. We help organisations and individuals create the value they’re looking for, by delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services.

Kabia Farm SL Limited

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Kabia Farm is a supplier of agrochemicals and the sole distributer for SAKATA seeds in Sierra Leone. Furthermore, they farm hybrid vegetables such as maize, sorghum and, rice and offer extension services.

Tradin Organic

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Tradin Organic sources premium, certified organic food ingredients for the international food industry, carrying more than 150 products from over 60 origins. As an international player with local presence in our markets, we are able to guide our clients through the jungle of certifications and offer tailor-made solutions to suit individual requirements.

The Universal Ventures

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The Universal Ventures is one of the leading engineering, logistics and construction companies in Sierra Leone.

Bintex Limited

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Bintex Limited is a company focused on providing high quality and original electronics and office supplies. The company is a licensed distributor for the Japanese Kyocera, Brother and Lenovo products in Sierra Leone. Bintex Limited tailors to the needs of its various customers; from supplying government offices to private institutions and individuals. Bintex Limited takes pride in selling original products for reasonable prices.

Think Africa Institute

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Think Africa Institute is registered under Dutch Law as a limited liability company and is one of the working businesses set up under Sweet Jollof Group. Future businesses under the group are Salone News and London Farms. TAI grew out of ACIPP Consulting, the training and development unit of ACIPP West Africa. Think Africa Institute believes in quality, agility, respect for clients and community. Our work is centered on the ethics of truth, accountability, integrity and professionalism. Though we work all over Africa, our core work has centered on contracts in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Think Africa Institute works through a sustainable service model which allows us to be competitive while providing excellence to our clients. We pride ourselves as contributing to the not-for-profit sector through business thinking. In working collaboratively with clients to make a difference, our primary activities include: facilitation, coaching, training, consulting, conducting ideation clinics and big data engagements.

Subo International

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Based centrally in The Netherlands, Subo International is a production and trading company of all frozen foods, the dairy industry and other commodities like nuts & pulses. Our combined 25 years of worldwide experience in food production, food service and food trade enables us to supply the best products at the best price. We source our materials and products directly from suppliers with whom we have established a solid cooperation over the years. Our experience on local markets enables us to give you exactly what you need, including the after-sales support on logistics and documentation. Our people are frequently travelling around the world to contract the fishermen, slaughterhouses and factories that we select to work with. A selection of quality control inspectors combined in the Subo Inspectorate guarantees the (pre) shipment controls. The team of skilled back-office staff supports the clients throughout the whole process, from the sales contract to the clearing of the goods at destination. We are here to help. Subo takes care of the whole trading process, a fast and flexible service at a very competitive rate, from production to delivery at your doorstep. We handle all necessary documentation and certification issues to ensure a smooth import into the country of destination.


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Solidaridad is an international NGO with the West- Africa headquarters in Accra. They have been active in Sier- ra Leone since 2016, where they started the LEGEND pro- gramme to support sustainable oil palm farming, ensure the implementation of best practices, promote proper land gov- ernance and help implementing the New Land Policy. Nicholas Jengre is the country representative of Sierra Leone, and the main office is based in Bo.


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A strong passion drives our lives towards dedicating it to protect our planet and eradicate misery, poverty and hunger. The outlook is well-known to all of us: increasing population, inevitable climate change, and forced migration driven by human and natural causes, risk of even more pain and suffering on innocent lives. This great aspiration translates into a humble start in rural Sierra Leone. Here, we are working hard to increase food security, production, and nutritional diversity to create more value at the farmer level. We treat the soil that nurtures our food as humanity's greatest asset.
Our model is simple. We believe that the interaction between people and technology can generate real structural change. There is no room to spread obsolete technology that increases the divergence be- tween developed economies and the countries where we work. However, there is a need to develop smart business models to enable farmers to access the best available machinery, agricultural practices, and technical advice in a way that is economically beneficial for all parties. And that's what we do.
My colleagues and I share common values, and our diverse backgrounds complement each other. Our team is as diverse as it can get, with innovators and passionate change-makers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, with professional backgrounds ranging from technology to agron- omy to business and development. This diversity nourishes us with ideas that are reflected in our inno- vative business models and impact-driven development. We believe in our work's long-term purpose, making this adventure our lifestyle.

Masada Waste Transformers

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Masada Waste Transformers is a collaboration between the Sierra Leonean company Masada Waste Management and the Dutch company The Waste Transformers BV.
The Waste Transformers, who work with both owned and sourced technologies, are a technology bro- ker and waste solution provider specialized in converting mixed waste streams into energy while simul- taneously transforming waste into new products. The Waste Transformers are specialized in “frugal innovations with impact” i.e. a low-cost, high-impact approach to resource recovery and energy pro- duction that aims to generate energy which will power Sierra Leone’s growth while simultaneously re- covering the assets in waste.

Natural Habitats

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Natural Habitats Group is creating sustainable livelihoods in Sierra Leone through organic palm oil production, proving that palm oil can be grown for good. The team is focused on continuous positive impact, and is leaning into the following areas:
Local Partnerships: Natural Habitats Group currently operates in two main areas across the country of Sierra Leone, Yele and Zimmi, and has formed strong relationships with the government, partner- ships with small farmers, and local peoples to develop a sustainable, organic palm oil model that will positively benefit the environment and local communities where it is grown.
Third Party Certifications: To ensure Natural Habitats Group organic palm oil complies with the highest standards, we have a team of agronomists continuously working with our farmers to comply with and exceed our third party certifications, including organic.
Additionally, Natural Habitats is working closely with the RSPO to ensure the highest level of certifica- tion of farmers and owned plantations.
Social Projects: Natural Habitats supports a number of social projects, going above and beyond our third party certifications, demonstrating that a Palm Done Right approach is good for the environment, as well as the local communities where palm oil is grown. Some of the social projects Natural Habitats implements on the ground in Sierra Leone include employment programs to create jobs for local peo- ples, reducing poverty and allowing children to go to school, as well as community food security project, which helps provide healthy food and nutrition education for local communities, regardless of income level.
Quality Assurance: Natural Habitats Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality, organic palm oil possible, and has made significant investments in the supply chain to ensure the highest quality controls we can.

Nexus Logistics

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The Nexus Logistics Company founded in 2014, is a sea- soned, organized freight forwarding company. The Nexus Logistics Company Limited develops comprehensive freight forwarding logistics and transportation service plans tailored to meet specific requirement of customers, thus ensuring that we provide services more consistently than any other service provider in the market.
The Nexus Logistics Ltd. is a global logistics service provider, specializing in the clearing and forwarding of cargo
in Sierra Leone and to the world. We add huge value to our clients by ensuring the correct legal interpretation, classifica- tion and valuation of goods takes place. In this way, we help clients avoid incorrect classification of goods, where selling prices could be prejudiced or penalties could be imposed.

Adam Jay Enterprise

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Adam Jay Enterprise is run by Mohamed Adam Jalloh and is a Sierra Leonean importer of produce. He is looking forward to meeting Dutch supplies to start importing high quality produce from the Netherlands.