Forget the Headlines, Read the Fine Print and Visit Sierra Leone

You may have heard of Sierra Leone, and the first thing that comes to your mind include the ten years of civil unrest which ended in 2002. But there is more to Sierra Leone that what the headlines dictate. To understand that fully, this article would lament on the fine print of what Sierra Leone truly is. Sierra Leone is known for many things, from its beautiful white sand beaches and coastlines to its lush forests with teeming wildlife and towering mountains. Although these features are highlighted in many travel journals, Sierra Leone has still not received enough recognition as a travel destination for tourists. With the inception of the pandemic which has plagued the globe and has made it difficult for international travel, maybe Sierra Leone has a chance to finally reclaim its place as a major travel destination.

Below are the top five reasons as to why visiting Sierra Leone should be on your travel agenda for the new year.

Sierra Leone has a delicious and healthy cuisine-The word ‘’sweet Salone’’ does not only symbolizes the beautiful landscape of the country, but it also represents the tasteful dishes travelers can enjoy in Sierra Leone. The country has an array of organic and healthy foods which are available at your fingertips.  According to an article by Mail Online, Sierra Leone has one of the best diets in Africa which consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. The new year could see you at an exotic beach sipping on fresh coconut water whilst nibbling on fresh ‘‘plantain chips’’.

Sierra Leone has something for everyone- Whatever you are searching for in a trip, Sierra Leone has something for you in-store. If you enjoy some nightlife action, then there is an array of night clubs and beach shacks around the Aberdeen to Lumley area. If you prefer exploring Nature to Nightlife, then Sierra Leone has a large ecosystem of wildlife, you can visit the Tacaguma Zoo or the Gola rainforest. If you are into hiking and mountains, then you can go further inland to the Koinadugu district, home of the Bintumani Mountains. If you would rather be swimming or enjoying the warm weather at the beach, then the peninsular beaches are a real gem to behold. Sierra Leone also boasts of eight islands, and there are local companies which organize excursion trips to these islands.

Sierra Leoneans are generally friendly- Making a foreigner feel at home in one of the special attributes of Sierra Leoneans. According to an article by World Travel Guide about Sierra Leone, ‘’Sierra Leone remains one of the friendliest countries on the continent’’.  It is easy to make friends and priceless memories in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is virtually easy to visit- Sierra Leone has a visa on arrival country policy, so your journey to Sierra Leone could only be a ticket away. Although most of the Covid 19 rules have been relaxed, you still have to take a Covid 19 test to be allowed into the country.

Low Covid 19 death rates- Sierra Leone has handled the Covid 19 well and the proof is in a low death and infection rates. When the pandemic started, there had been several health warnings about the high death toll that could arise from the Covid 19 pandemic in Africa. But it is not in all instances that the headlines may hold the truth of a story, as the Government of Sierra Leone and the People of Sierra Leone handled the Covid 19 well than expected. The Government of Sierra Leone introduced stringent laws when the country had its first coronavirus case in March and it was followed by countrywide lockdowns and curfews. The community people also played their parts by erecting makeshifts checkpoints and coercing people to wash their hands which were followed by a thermometer checking of your body’s temperature. This and many other efforts contributed to the low deaths rates in the country. As of 15th of December 2020, Sierra Leone has had 2,445 cases, 1851 recovered and a total of 75 deaths.


By Memuna Bayoh [SLNBCC]