Our Objectives

Trade Relations

To foster business relations between Sierra Leone and the Netherlands in order to promote a mutually beneficial state of affairs between our two governments. This is in line with the currently adopted From Aid to Trade policy of the Netherlands, and the aspirations of Sierra Leone to attract foreign investors.

Trade Facilitation

To promote increased exports, imports, business services, tourism and investments between business and professional persons of Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.

We serve as a networking company that ensures the intergrity and quality of our members so that new businesses can be conducted in a trusted environment.

Furthermore, we want to promote Sierra Leone as a gateway for companies into the Mano River region due to the strategic advantage Sierra Leone has geographically.

Business Diplomacy

To represent our members towards the governments and other parties from Sierra Leone.

We work in close collaboration with the foreign export agency SLIEPA and with the agricultural chamber of commerce SLeCAD in Sierra Leone. In the Netherlands we



Trade Mission

In order to contribute to the economic reconstruction of Liberia and Sierra Leone after the devastating Ebola outbreak, the Netherlands organized several activities in 2015 such as a trade mission led by the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and International Cooperation, who visited Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea with over 30 Dutch companies. Focus sectors were Agriculture, Healthcare and Infrastructure. Another activity was the investment conference for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, which was organized in the Netherlands.

After the trade mission GNBCC, as requested by the RNE, provided follow-up assistance in Liberia and Sierra Leone and facilitated local participation in the investment conference in The Hague. Objectives of the follow-up programme were:

  • To provide information about Dutch financial instruments available to locally active companies;
  • To answer questions related to the trade mission and the above mentioned financial instruments. In addition, to facilitate business development ;
  • To set up a database of relevant Sierra Leonean and Liberian companies for the Dutch private sector and build relationships with these companies;
  • Actively communicate the brand “Holland – Sierra Leone/Liberia, Growing Together” to relevant companies in Sierra Leone and Liberia;
  • Provide information to the RNE on to what  extent CSR plays a role for companies and how they deal with it, with a focus on child labour, mining sector, corruption and tax evasion.


Creation of the SLNBCC and LNBCC

During the trade mission and the follow-up trajectory in 2015, GNBCC had the chance to explore the opportunities in Sierra Leone and Liberia and concluded that there was an opportunity for GNBCC to offer our services in these countries. It would be beneficial to have a permanent presence of the Netherlands in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the form of what we referred to as Orange Guides in the original proposal. On 15th of June
2016, GNBCC’s proposal was approved by the Dutch embassy in Ghana and we have started the project since that date.

In 2016 Fleur Hoog Antink, then MD of GNBCC started with the recruiting of the project managers for the SLNBCC and LNBCC and looked for office space. By the 1st of November 2016 Salamartu Duncan was recruited in Liberia and 1 month later Binta Jalloh was hired for Sierra Leone. Office space was found with Cordaid in Sierra Leone and Spark in Liberia. With both organisations a deal was made about the handling of finances because both entities, the LNBCC as well as SLNBCC were not yet established (hence could not open any bank account etc.) .

Since its establishment, the SLNBCC has hosted a trade fair, presented at two international seminars and has built relationships with government institutions in order to help Dutch businesses explore the promising Sierra Leonean market.

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